Price of mansion slashed from £15million to £2.5million after suspected arson attack – The Sun

A £15 MILLION stately home is on sale for a cut-price £2.5 million after it was gutted in a suspected arson attack.Parnham House, built in 1551 near Beaminster, Dorset, was left a shell in the April 2017 blaze.Its owner, hedge fund manager Michael Treichl, was arrested on suspicion of arson but drowned in an apparent suicide.A £3million agreed sale fell through so it is back on the market at £2.5million in the hope it will be snapped up amid fears the external walls could collapse.Any buyer will have to spend millions on rebuilding and restoring it with all work approved by Historic England.A spokesperson for Historic England said: "We are aware that the hoped-for sale of Grade I listed Parnham House has fallen through."We are aware that the property is now being remarketed."The property remains vulnerable, and a rapid resolution is needed on the sale of the property to allow repair and restoration works to begin."Source: Read Full Article

I knew I had to do everything I could to stop Jeremy Corbyn – The Sun

IF Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t quit this weekend, Labour MPs should drag him out on Monday.People like him, John McDonnell, Len McCluskey and the rest of the hard-left gang that led Labour to its record defeat must be shown the door before the party can even begin to think about rebuilding.And Momentum — the party within a party set up to defend Corbyn — must be booted out too.Labour MPs rushed to lay the blame at Corbyn’s door — but what took them so long? They can’t say they weren’t warned.Even before he was elected leader, I told the party Britain would never put an extremist in No10.People in places like Dudley couldn’t imagine these people running the country or standing up for us abroad.I lost count of doors I knocked on where lifelong Labour voters told me they could never vote Corbyn.People want leaders they can trust to defend us. They believe hard work pays off and want our borders protected. And they won’t stand for racism.I pleaded with Labour MPs to replace Corbyn with a decent…

Man Utd warned NOT to sign goal

DIMITAR BERBATOV has pleaded with Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to avoid signing goal-machine Erling Haaland.He believes Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood’s development could come to a standstill should the Norwegian ace ditch RB Salzburg for Old Trafford in January.
Haaland is one of European football’s most sought-after players after scoring an incredible 28 goals in just 22 matches this season.United are just one of many clubs chasing Haaland’s coveted signature.And it’s reckoned Solskjaer is ready to make a move for his compatriot after successive wins against Spurs and Man City put United within five points of a Champions League spot.However, Berbatov reckons Haaland would be an automatic choice in the starting XI should he join United.That means both Rashford and Greenwood, who seem to be improving with each game, could find their progress comes to a standstill.Rashford has scored an impressive 13 goals in 21 games this season, the same amount he managed in 47 gam…

Randy Newman: 'I don’t like anything when you can’t talk about it'

As one of America’s best songwriters and satirists with brutally funny demolitions of racists, sexists, size-ists and facists, Randy Newman knows that an excess of opportunity isn’t always desirable.But we’re in a world of buffoons in the White House, Aldi bags in the state house, ultra-conservatives labelled spies for the Left, teenage girls labelled threats by the Right, morality lessons from jailed child abusers and a dissembling shambles lying to the Queen.Randy Newman: ‘I’m interested in saying something different.’Credit:Pamela SpringsteenForget the future, sometimes the present is so lurid you have to wear shades, indoors, with the curtains closed, rather than write. So while Newman wrote a song about Donald Trump a few years ago – ‘‘I did, but I didn’t want to do it,’’ he chuckles – it is yet unreleased.But he has assayed another world leader in Putin, the almost hip hop romp from his 11th album, 2017’s Dark Matter, which explains ‘‘When he takes his shirt off, he drives the l…

Drake refuels Kylie Jenner romance rumours by wearing her old school sweatshirt

Drake has reignited rumours of romance with Kylie Jenner by wearing a sweatshirt that directly references her past.The 33-year-old rapper surprised fans in Toronto by turning up in a Sierra Canyon hoodie, which is the high school that Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kylie attended along with her sister Kendall.While there has been speculation about Drake's relationship with Kylie, since his birthday party where they spent a lot of time together, he isn't doing much to quell the rumours.He was making a surprise visit at DaBaby‘s show in the Canadian city and fans were in a frenzy when they made the connection between his attire and the billionaire make-up mogul.
Stanley Johnson sparks fury saying 'women fighter pilots shouldn't wear burkas'
General election 2019: Lily Allen 'holding out for Labour' after grim exit pollThe now 22-year-old Kylie attended the school for many years but she got her diploma in 2015 from a home school program.As well as the swea…

Total Divas' Sonya Deville Reveals the Awkward Way She Came Out on National TV

Sonya Deville‘s coming out experience was certainly a memorable one.The Total Divas star swung by Daily Pop today and opened up about how she went from being in the closet to out-and-proud on national television. While Deville happily showcased her journey on Total Divas, which included her relationship with girlfriend Arianna Johnson, she admitted it’s taken years to get to this point.Per Deville, four years ago, while taping WWE Tough Enough she was asked by Triple H if she was in a relationship. Even though this seemed like a simple enough question, it proved to be a complicated one for the now 26-year-old wrestler.“For me, I wasn’t openly gay at that time and I had a girlfriend. So, what’s going through my mind in that moment is, ‘Do I lie? No, I can’t lie. My girlfriend will kill me when I get home.'” Deville shared with co-hosts Justin Sylvester and Carissa Culiner. “So, I’m like, ‘Well, I have to tell the truth, right?’ So, I was like, ‘Uh, yeah, I have a girlfriend. But, n…

Scrapyard staff to donate £20,000 found in old safe to hospices

Scrapyard staff who found £20,000 cash in old safe donate it to hospices after claimant failed to convince police they were the rightful ownerSackers yard handed the money over to police for six months after finding itBut, when no owner came forward, they claimed the money in the magistratesWill be split between St Elizabeth hospice and East Anglia’s Children’s hospice Scrapyard staff who found £20,000 in an old safe have decided to donate all the money to charity after a claimant failed to convince police that they were the rightful owner.Kind-hearted staff at Sackers yard in Great Blakenham, Suffolk, found the money in bundles that included old notes when they tore open one of four safes for recycling.It was handed over to police, who kept it in a store for six months in case the owner could be found, before being handed back to Sackers after they went to the magistrates court to claim the money as the legal finder.The old notes will now be changed into legal tender before being spl…